Giga CHikadze was born 25th of August 1988 in Tbilisi, Georgia. When taking him out of the maternity hospital, his father said that there was born a karate world champion.

From the age of 4 he was training in Kiokushin Kai Karate, at the age of 11 he changed the style and moved to Ryu full contact karate. At the age of 14 he became "Shodan" - black belt owner in Go Ju Ryu. At the age of 18 he became 13 times champion of Georgia, 2 times champion of Europe and the World champion among adults at the most prestigious Go-Ju Ryu championship. After achieving the top rank in the world in Go Ju Ryu, Giga moved to K-1. Since he was 18 Giga moved to Netherlands and trained in such teams as Golden Glory, Mike's Jym, Vos Gym Amsterdam. By the age of 25 he has become 2 times world champion in K-1 (Slamm, WFC), Champion of Europe in Muy Thai and Champion of Pataia fightnight event. At the age of 26 Giga has moved to California, US and is planning to participate in MMA tournaments. Giga trains at Kings MMA, his trainer is legend Master Rafael Kordeiro, his team mates are Rafael Dos Anjos, Fabricio Verdum, Beneil Dariush. They are not just a team, Kings MMA is a family who's members are doing their maximum for success in sports and they do everything in the name of God. Giga is a family person and his hobby is spending time surfing with his wife and 5 years old daughter.

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  • Huntington Beach, California, USA
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13 times Champion of Georgia, 2 times Champion of Europe, World Champion


2 times World Champion - Slamm, WFC

Muy Thai

Champion of Europe - IRO


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Giga Chikadze has founded the foundation against cancer called Knock Out Cancer. The foundation is operating from 2014 and has helped more than 30 ladies to fight cancer and come back to healthy life. The foundation is managed by Giga Chikadze's sister Keso Chikadze, the organization will be more than happy to get the donations in any amounts, your help is highly appreciated as far as it might be decisive to save one's life.